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About this Cause

Every year, brave men and women sign up to champion clean water by balding for dollars at WaterNight (WaterSchool’s flagship fundraising event in Las Vegas). How does it work? It's simple. Each person sets a fundraising goal and encourages their family and friends to help them reach it. When they hit the mark, they'll be heading up on stage at WaterNight to lose their luscious locks in support of bringing clean water to hundreds of people WaterSchool partners with. WaterSchool’s team in Canada and Uganda work in partnership with community leaders and grassroots organizations to provide simple, affordable methods for improving the quality of water and sanitation practices. Since the organization’s inception in 2008, we have served over 600,000 people. To us, it’s simple: clean water changes everything. Learn more about the inspiring work you’re supporting here: www.waterschool.com

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